Passion + Motivation + Effort = Big $$$

Is it possible to build a business based solely and only around your own passions? Yes and yes. Is it likely you’ll do this… No and no. Why? Because you’re lazy. Well… maybe not you, but the typical “you” (an average person) is. Don’t be that guy (or gal) instead say screw you to the man who has you paper pushing all day, tell your bitchy girlfriend or boyfriend to take a hike, delete the numbers of your negative friends and take a serious step towards escaping the 9 to 5. Whats the first step? Read this blog post…. then you’ll be fast and furious on your way to living the life you want and leaving the rat race far behind.

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Interview with Jason Van Orden of Internet Business Mastery!

This interview was supposed to be a live video interview but alas my computer didn’t pick up Jason’s voice barely at all so it sounds like he is whispering and I am screaming. Needless to say I doubt you want to listen to that, instead the interview was transcribed for your reading convenience 🙂 This is an interview with a leader in internet business, online entrepreneurship and podcasting. Jason graciously gives us a lot of awesome tips and information in this interview that will be useful to everyone in the online world. Also Jason runs one of the top internet businesses around so take head!

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How To Make More Money by Freelancing (Anyone can do it)

Do you want to make more money but don’t have the time or drive to spend months and months starting a business, building a product and marketing? Do you want maximum return with minimal effort? Freelancing just may be for you then my friend… you lazy ass you. Here I’ve explained exactly how to take any knowledge and passion you have and turn it into profitable freelancing gigs. Grab a coke and a pen and paper because this will be a long one, but it is vastly worth it if you are interested in making more money and starting the foundation for entrepreneurial bliss.

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How To Become a Sales Whiz in 3 Easy Steps

This is a easy to understand guide that can take someone with no sales experience & turn them into a sales wizard. (p.s. I got all my knowledge on this process from the amazing book The E-Myth.. I boiled down & added to his views on how to become an amazing sales person, check it out for more great entrepreneurial tips)

1. The Consultation Presentation
2. The Urgent Need Analysis Presentation
3. Solution Presentation

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Cewebrity Interview with Craig of Craigslist

Graciously Craig of agreed to do an interview with me for’s cewebrity interviews. Considering he is an online mogul who mainly stays behind the scenes I am incredibly excited about presenting this to all of you. Craig gives great insights, tips and advice for anyone involved in the online realm!

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Interview with Jason Falls of

Today I have an amazing interview with Jason Falls of Jason shares some of his secrets on social media strategies and how to use networking platforms to best build your own brand. This is a must for entrepreneurs and all those interested in using social media right!
Download Jason-falls.mp3

If you have comments or questions please feel free to post them below!

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Interview with Timothy Sykes: Wall Street Whiz & Internet Entrepreneur

Today I have an amazing interview with the wall street whiz Timothy Sykes. Tim made over a million dollars before he graduated college in the stock market (if you don’t believe me look its on Wikipedia!). In this interview he explains how he did it and talks about his hugely successful membership site at If you like internet success stories grab a pen and paper and take notes on Tim’s uncanny insights and =humorous advice.

Check the videos out here…

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The Three E’s of Entrepreneurship

Okay all you entrepreneurs and would-be’s. Here are the 3 E’s of entrepreneurship which should give you as good of an idea about how to become an entrepreneur as any MBA program I’ve heard of (no seriously!). If you can master these three E’s you can have the world when it comes to working for yourself & having life on your terms.

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O is for Outsource

If my business model were a hamburger what do you think the secret sauce would be? If you really want to know, I’ll tell you. Its the big O (sorry for the shameless tag line steal O is for outsourcing and outsourcing is the single biggest reason my business has been profitable from day one. To truly understand outsourcing, the pros and cons and the massive benefits of having freelancers handle much of your business matters lets look at a case study, my case study actually.

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