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Alright it’s that time of the week again, friday!! And here at Escaping the 9 to 5 we like to celebrate Friday by getting a little freaky… with awesome reading lists that is. Check out the best of the inter-web as I see it and at the bottom there are a few super tips to just help your life be a more amazing, productive place… also because it is Friday I get to post my favorite funny picture from the web, this week’s pic is a winner don’t you think?

What is dying to be born I am not usually one of those huggy, enlightenment seeking, earth hugger types but this article enthralled me. It has just enough of the free loving hippy mentality to make you feel at peace and a TON of practical application that will take you to the next level be it in your business, your relationships or your life. Honestly, if you read ONE of the posts and only one today, read this one. It has the potential to be truly life changing and also the author rocks!

5 Social media business models for entrepreneurs This post is a great refresher course for those of you already active in entrepreneurship and is a road map of ideas for those of you yet to escape your 9 to 5. Read it, cherish it, let it sink into your brains and tomorrow morning – presto! there should be some new business ideas brewing!

How to maximize the impact of your brand This article is also genius, it is all about branding and why that is at the essence of everything an entrepreneur/personality should be doing. Branding is the personality of your business model, so if your business is all about you – you better make sure your personal brand rocks, if it is all about a product make sure the vibe built around that product is consistent and, well, rocks!

7 Ways to legitimately build back links I know it can be intimidating but SEO is vital to your website or blog’s survival and back links directly tie into how you rank online. So read this cleverly written post by a guy who knows his stuff, Neil Patel has co-founded two internet companies and is a genius at web optimization… plus he’s a fun read.

Education & wage slavery: hand in hand? This is an amazing and controversial post about how the goal of ‘higher education’ isn’t always one’s “highest” calling… there is life outside of school and often people don’t need a typical education nearly as much as they think.

Top Tips & Tricks:

  • I don’t know if I posted about this last week and I don’t care, is an amazing technology/application that allows you to embed anything into a bar code & then when others scan it they can see what you’ve “left” there. Check out the site, probably within a year this will be everywhere – that or it will go down in flames because its a little before its time, but regardless it is awesome.
  • For productivity I use a timer (an online one like works well) and noise canceling headphones to get things done. What you do is for every task you set a “time limit” (because people work better under pressure), pop in your earbuds and get crackin’ – this technique alone literally can cut your “work” time in half.
  • I’ve given this tip before but it ALWAYS works… so it is worth repeating. MAKE YOUR GOALS YOUR PASSWORDS on just about everything from your email log in to your computer keychain, this way throughout the day you are reminding yourself of where you want to be and subtly shifting your mind into positive, prosperous lines of thought.
  • DanielleLaPorte

    thanks for the love.

  • Mars Dorian

    Thanks for sharing Maren,

    I REALLY like the “How to maximize the impact of your brand” post ! :)

  • Ken Siew

    Best tip ever: MAKE YOUR GOALS YOUR PASSWORDS. I've read this before but never really took it to heart. Or you can frame your goal and put it anywhere you will see in the house (desktop, bathroom, bedroom, TV?!).

    Lots of good stuffs there, but I seriously need to stop commenting and joining in forums and start producing more content +D But I can't…I got the GaryVee Virus – join conversations everywhere and repeat the whole process. But I love this LOL!

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  • Julius Kuhn-Regnier

    Maren I like the idea of making your goals your passwords. The only problem here is that once someone knows what you want to achieve then you are basically screwed.
    I like the article about the different social media business models.

  • Mo "Mad Dog" Stoneskin

    Goals as passwords is brilliant. As long as they are sufficiently scrambled of course.

    *change password*

    “To take over the world”

    Seriously, great idea.

    I'm not sure if I have a brand yet, or if I am a brand, but I want to become one!

  • Loudable

    7 Ways to legitimately build back links is just too good for any one to build links and just to tell you, I feel this topic has already been copied by some one I guess, not sure about this. Just have a check in copyscape.

  • Lana {Daring Clarity}

    What's dying to be born was the best!

  • Wilson Usman

    excellent stuff… I read the what is dying to be born, and I kind of understand it a little but I like her blog in general. Also Neils post definitely was full of great content no fluff at all I like that site thanks Maren these where some good sites. Now I have no excuse to say my SEO is crappy because I got some good tips with Neil's post.

  • Maren Kate

    Thanks for the eye opening, inspirational post!

  • Maren Kate

    You know, for some reason I had a feeling you would :)

  • Maren Kate

    Good idea! the Framing your goals thing… I also try to write them on stickers and put them all over my laptop, book bag etc.

  • Maren Kate

    Haha, I guess the only solution for that is to keep making the goals bigger & bigger to keep out of reach of the con artists!

  • Maren Kate

    Haha, love it :) Hey, as long as you have the desire & the fire to do it you can be a brand!

  • Maren Kate

    the topic of seven ways or freaky friday?

  • Maren Kate

    Wasn't it amazing?? I read it twice.

  • Maren Kate

    Haha :) glad it helped! I am SEO challenged as well!

  • Ken Siew

    Haha sometimes it gets out of hands, but it works!

  • matthewneedham

    What a brilliant idea about using your goals as passwords. I love that. repetition has proved to make your goals more achieveable.

    I'm off to check the posts you recommend. Thanks for sharing Maren.

  • harvestwages

    Maren thanks for sharing,
    I feel like – “GREAT” on seeing my post (5 social business…) on your list. I didn't like, feel happy on releasing this post. You are an encouragement. I'm about adding your link on my awesome blogroll.

  • harvestwages

    Maren thanks for sharing,
    I feel like – “GREAT” on seeing my post (5 social business…) on your list. I didn't like, feel happy on releasing this post. You are an encouragement. I'm about adding your link on my awesome blogroll.

  • kahn

    only a short while ago i was so unsatisfied with my life i was bout ready to give up…at only 18 not good.. then i was hit with and ever since i havent looked back just counted my loses and keep it moving i love my life so much more now i know money isnt everything but it makes everything a whole lot simpler now i do what i want when i want and you can to its up to. lots of love

  • kahn

    o and yeah i definitely escaped the 9 to 5 hahahah life is good… remember if you can believe you can achieve