50 Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Business

2011 is the year of big goals and bigger execution, but remember, you are not an island! Teamwork is a must when building a meaningful business in the upcoming year, but what to do if you don’t have gobs of cash to throw around? That was the exact predicament I was in when I started my first business online. I needed someone to help me upload my WordPress blog, to help me with research and to act as an all around internet jack of all trades. I found this in my very first virtual assistant and I’ve never looked back. So in the wake of my business Zirtual launching (all we do is find entrepreneurs awesome, kick butt virtual personal assistants – for cheap!) I decided to list 100 things Virtual Assistants can do that will make your business and life better. And if by the end of this post I haven’t fully convinced you that you must run out and hire a virtual assistant today – well then send me a tweet and tell me I ought to be ashamed of myself!

Virtual Assistants can…

  1. help you set up your website/blog.
  2. set up your email list.
  3. transcribe voice memos you record on your phone, and then email them to you.
  4. fix problems with your iTunes account using a screen sharing application.
  5. spend hours comparing and contrasting all the hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area and present you with a categorized list of the top ten, their features and then book the one you want for you.
  6. unsubscribe you from pesky mailing lists that just won’t stop.
  7. send out emails that say “Hi, this is {insert your name here}’s assistant” which always impresses friends and family.
  8. do myriads of brain-numbing online research for you.
  9. help you balance your business budget using a free tool like Outright.
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