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Interview with Alexander Mendeluk


Ever wanted to start a company based on a passion and had people tell you that you’re crazy? If so… you’ll LOVE this interview. The product is called Spirit Hoods and the man behind the brand is Alexander Mendeluk. This interview is inspiring since he took such a simple idea and built it into a […]

Talking Social Media & Entrepreneurship with Tamar Weinberg


Today I have a very special interview with Tamar Weinberg who runs and works with She is one of the few people who can legitimately call herself a true social media expert and her insights on entrepreneurship, social media and how to mesh the two to create a killer brand are worth putting […]

An Awesome Interview on Strategic Outsourcing with Chris Ducker


Today I have an interview with Chris Ducker a personal friend and a major playing in the oversees outsourcing game. Chris runs a large firm in the Philippines dedicated to providing strategic outsourcing services called Live 2 Care. He also blogs about his journey to being a virtual CEO on Virtual Business Lifestyle. If you’ve […]