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Interview with Alexander Mendeluk


Me in my Spirithood!

Ever wanted to start a company based on a passion and had people tell you that you’re crazy? If so… you’ll LOVE this interview. The product is called Spirit Hoods and the man behind the brand is Alexander Mendeluk. This interview is inspiring since he took such a simple idea and built it into a phenomenon that is sweeping the fashion industry.


How to Turn a Passion for Fashion into a $15 Million + a Year Business


This is the story of someone who bootstrapped her way up from nothing and grew her business into a Inc. 500, $15 million dollar + a year, 200 employee having (lol) empire. Susan Gregg Koger & her husband started Mod Cloth while attending college in 2002, they have grown it through creative thinking, simple good sense & a lot of passion. I was incredibly impressed & motivated by Susan’s awesome personality & unique viewpoint of fun, simple entrepreneurship.


Start Up, Drop Out, Grow like Crazy | An Entrepreneur Interview with Derek Johnson of Tatango


Derek Johnson, founder of Tatango, dropped out of the University of Houston’s entrepreneurial program so he could start a business that has grown to over 50 million SMS messages sent and counting. Derek’s insights on entrepreneurship, good debt vs. bad debt when starting up and his theories on running a simple business make this podcast a must listen for budding entrepreneurs and old pros alike. You’ll learn a lot and get inspired to slim down (business wise) and get going with your start up!

Zen Entrepreneurship an Interview with Leo Babauta of


If you haven’t already heard of Leo Babauta, the well spoken & written blogger behind one of the largest blogs on the web then you really must check out what he’s up to. Leo has gone from zero to every entrepreneurs dream in a short amount of time, mostly due to his amazing attitude and the passion he puts into his blog business. Leo said in this interview he thinks, at this point, he has over 200,000 subscribers and his site has blossomed into a blogging empire.

Less is Truly More an Entrepreneur Success Story With Everett Bogue


Often during my dog days of entrepreneurship  I would wake up, eat breakfast and then try to attack the massive piles of work on my desk, usually to no avail. It took about 6 months for me to realize that a messy office = a messy business. After reading Getting Things Done by David Allen I tosseda lot of stuff out and started focusing only on what was most important. This was a turning point for me and first peaked my interest at the idea of minimalism.

So when I kept hearing about

Starting an Internet Business While Working Full Time – Interview with Ruben Gamez


Ever wonder what it would be like to start up your own web based company while working a full time job? Ruben Gamez did and unlike a lot of people he actually TRIED it… even better he’s succeeding beautifully with his start up Bidsketch (proposal software) a place where website designers can go to create customized, clean proposals in minutes.

Ruben came on my radar when I used BidSketch myself and had an issue (turned out I was doing something wrong – surprise, surprise).