How I Made $4444 in 7 Days | You Can Too!

picture is of me singing karaoke while reading the words off my iPhone.. just be glad there was no sound attached to that image… its meant to say ‘If someone who looks that silly singing karaoke can do it you can too’!

Alright, this is one of my first No really I’m legitimate posts. I gotta say I am a little proud of myself too, because I’ve worked my butt off lately to get here (Sorry Tim Ferriss even though I adore your book I have yet to figure out how to work a four hour work week). But in this post I am going to show you two things.. first how I made $4444 in 7 days and secondly how you can do the same.

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So one of my New Year’s goals has been to make $10,000 (USD) per month gross for the first half of year… then after that I am going to put on the heat and do $10,000 a month net (oh snap!). You can imagine my happiness by 7th (yesterday) when I realized (with the help of my rusty math skills) I was only $5556 bucks away from my goal!

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Art of the Elevator Pitch

The idea of the elevator pitch is almost antiquated by today’s standards… I mean who rides elevators anymore! But even if your a blogger, online businessperson or just have vertigo its good to know what you ‘elevator pitch’ would be if you had to give one.

Think of the elevator pitch in modern terms… what is your 140 characters or less Twitter pitch? Ahh… now you can relate! Here are some simple steps to figure out your elevator pitch and maximize its potential.

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Being an Extraordinary Entrepreneur (Get Pumped!)

Main Entry: ex·traor·di·nary
Pronunciation: \ik-ˈstrr-də-ˌner-ē, ˌek-strə-ˈr-\
Function: adjective

1 a : going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary <extraordinary powers> b : exceptional to a very marked extent <extraordinary beauty> c of a financial transaction : nonrecurring

Did you know that far fewer people apply for jobs in high positions with Fortune 500 companies than apply to flip burgers? Its absolutely true. By the sheer magic of math this shows us that you are more likely to achieve things that most people think are either ‘out of their reach’ or think are too hard.

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9 Ways to Build a Remarkable Business in 2010

2010 is just around the corner, for some of you in other parts of the world its upon you now! So instead of making a list of silly “I want to get skinny” goals read over these 9 musts for any entrepreneur who wants to build a stellar, remarkable business in 2010… then you’ll have enough dough to pay someone to work the fat off for you.

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This will Offend the H*%$ Out of Some People | Making 2010 Your Best Year Ever

So I’ve been trying to create a list of goals for 2010, they’ve ranged from “get a six pack” (which i nixed when i looked at pictures of chicks with six packs, too buff for me) to gain 1000 loyal fans, to stop sleeping 10 hours lazy ass.

All in all this year I am determined to meet my goals. So to do that I had to figure out why all the years before I hadn’t met my goals. Then I looked into the broader idea of why there are so many of us in the world that despite opportunities never meet our goals. This is what I’ve concluded:

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3 Passive Income Opportunities Secrets You Need to Know!

Passive income, especially online, is one of the most profitable and rewarding ways of making money today. Firstly let me point you in the direction of a GREAT passive income resource Pat who runs that site is always full of great info on starting a small business and how to use passive income to escape the 9 to 5 and gain financial freedom.

But don’t let the idea of passive income opportunities make you think of no work and free money.

Setting up a stream of passive income is hard work, but once you get it going and do it right it will just get easier and easier. So here are three secrets that everyone who wants to earn passive income needs to know. 3 opportunities that if you take a hold of you can set up a few streams of income that come rain or shine will be there for you to rely on.

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7 Profitable Business Ideas: Start Your Own Small Business in 2016!

Alright, it’s crunch time people. Today I want to share 7 Profitable Business Ideas with you to help if one of your new year’s day goals is going to be ‘work for myself’ or ‘start my own small business’ then listen up! You need to start the ball rolling today if you are serious about working for yourself and making 2016 your most profitable year ever. To kick start your resolution I’m going to lay out the 7 most profitable business ideas for 2016, ideas that if I were starting from scratch today I’d do.

Pursuing profitable business ideas are the difference between sitting behind a desk at reading dilbert cartoons for the next year and traveling Europe while you the small business you started in 2016 pays your way! If you are serious at starting your own small business this year then please read over these 7 profitable business ideas and take them to heart… they may just change your life!

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The Four Hour Work Week | Myth or Reality?

One of the books that propelled me into entrepreneurship was Timothy Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week...I read and re-read this book to the point of pages tattering while traveling after college and loved the ideas, passion and personality the author put into helping others reach his 4 hour lifestyle. Over the next Year I focused 100% of my goals and motivation towards becoming an entrepreneur and living a similarly free life where I could escape the 9 to 5 (hence the name of my blog) and travel the world with ease. Not surprisingly it wasn’t so simple… but I don’t think Ferriss ever intended it to be. He was/is a very hard worker… and if he really does only work 4 hours a week than I imagine they are the most hard core, packed hours of his life. I don’t think the ideal of the four hour workweek is unattainable, I just think it isn’t for everyone. But if you do really want to cut your hours down to practically nothing and still make a killer living its possible… there are just some tricks and tips along the way.

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Outsourcing 101 | Profitable Business Ideas that Work!!

Want to know the single best way I save tons on overhead, employee a team 2-3 sizes bigger than I could normally and do it all from the comfort of my macbook? One simple word: Outsourcing.

If you want a profitable business idea that not only works but kicks butts and takes name outsourcing is it. It is something that many look down on but done correctly outsourcing part or all of your employee force to other people and countries can be a business life saver. Outsourcing is the single biggest reason that I was able to build up a full fledged social media marketing business in less than 5 months and it has also helped me open two other entrepreneurial endeavors. I think that outsourcing, in any capacity, is one of the best ways to truly escape the 9 to 5 and start living your life instead of just working through it.

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