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I am available for consulting and contract work specifically focused around Delegation Training, Virtualizing Teams, and the Future of Work.

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Delegation Training

I have coached executives, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, on how to leverage their time through delegation. This can be as simple as adding an assistant into your day to day, or a more robust, integrated approach combining outsourcing, third party tools, and automation to replace an entire workflow in your current business.

I focus on helping my clients quantify the opportunity and financial impact of not delegating (e.g. do it all yourself). Then we work together to define clear economic objectives and an actionable blueprint that frees up time and resources, while reducing hard costs.

Delegation Consultation

  • 30 minute consultation call
  • Preparing your actionable, personal delegation plan (delivered in 48 hours)

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Virtualizing Teams

For over ten years I have built virtual teams both U.S. based and international. My last company, Zirtual.com, scaled to nearly 500 employees, all working remotely. We achieved this by developing and leveraging two highly effective techniques: 1) unique hiring funnels focused on screening for personality types that work best virtually, and 2) a unique “Pod” structure of management that scaled remotely.

Virtualizing roles and remote work may be right for you if you are:

  • trying to reduce operational cost and/or deploy capital more efficiently
  • looking to increase employee morale by encouraging working from home
  • needing to scale talent acquisition by hiring remotely or internationally

Virtualization Audit

  • 60 minutes audit including consultation call, research and proposal

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My background

  • Zirtual, Founder/CEO: in four years we built our virtual assistant service from scratch to 450 people and an $11M run rate. For the majority of my tenure, we relied on word-of-mouth and content marketing to drive our sales and create an industry leading cult brand. The internal community we built allowed us to scale our employee base while simultaneously retaining quality talent.
  • Escapingthe9to5, Blogger: for seven years I have documented my escape of traditional career paths on Escapingthe9to5.com. After 200+ posts, the site has become a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and remote workers looking for a new kind of career path.
  • History Channel’s Pawn Stars: starting from the very first episode through season 5, I worked with the History Channel’s hit, Vegas-based show to build out their social media presence, online brand and web presence.

Contact me: marenkate@gmail.com

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