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Interview with Alexander Mendeluk


Me in my Spirithood!

Ever wanted to start a company based on a passion and had people tell you that you’re crazy? If so… you’ll LOVE this interview. The product is called Spirit Hoods and the man behind the brand is Alexander Mendeluk. This interview is inspiring since he took such a simple idea and built it into a phenomenon that is sweeping the fashion industry.


How to Get a Killer Logo – a BrandStack Review


As I prepare to leave tomorrow for beautiful Silicon Valley and for my first session at the Founder Institute I’ve been in a hurry to get my social outsourcing site Zirtual up and looking good. The biggest problem I had was finding a logo and URL that had the potential to become a million dollar brand, thankfully after days of searching I found a resource I think every entrepreneur needs to know about – especially if you are about to rebrand.

7 Ways to Live & Love Your Brand


I was listening to an interview Jason Calacanis did a while back and he kept talking about living your brand. It was an interesting idea so I started to explore it, and by golly I liked what I found. This post is for those of you who are in love with your business, those of you who sing your start up to sleep at night & the sight of your brand’s logo makes you giddy with glee. I’m like that and I know a few of you out there must be too.

How to Turn a Passion for Fashion into a $15 Million + a Year Business


This is the story of someone who bootstrapped her way up from nothing and grew her business into a Inc. 500, $15 million dollar + a year, 200 employee having (lol) empire. Susan Gregg Koger & her husband started Mod Cloth while attending college in 2002, they have grown it through creative thinking, simple good sense & a lot of passion. I was incredibly impressed & motivated by Susan’s awesome personality & unique viewpoint of fun, simple entrepreneurship.


How Career Renegade Jonathan Fields Built an Empire


Jonathan Fields has an impressive “un-resume” resume, he’s been everything from a securities lawyer to a yoga instructor and he’s built several successful businesses along the way. Oh yeah and he wrote a best selling book called Career Renegade, so more or less the guy is an entrepreneurial legend and I was very excited to interview him. But what really blew me away was his practical advice and positive outlook on life, doing what you love & entrepreneurship.