OH SNAP! Or, How I Learned to Stop Hating on it and Love Snapchat.


One of my mentors told me a while back I needed to get on Snapchat. My first response was “I’m not 14 and don’t need to send naked pics…,” paired with a roll of the eyes and that holier-than-thou voice we all affect when rebuffing the latest trend. But as Snapchat has continued to blow up I finally decided to join, more from FOMO than anything else. Over the holiday break I started toying with the app and after some failed attempts at mastering the UI—I was hooked.

First off: Stop saying you are too old.

If I had a dollar for each time someone who was born before 1985 says “I’m too old for this” in regards to Snapchat, or any new technology really, I could fund my Starbucks habit for a few solid months.

As the Buddha said:

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

You aren’t “too old” to learn a new technology, even one with a confusing UI learning curve like Snapchat: you are either too lazy or too scared.

If you’re too lazy, that’s fine, just don’t complain when new tech and ways of connecting pass you and your business by. For a while, I too was in the lazy camp (which is my usual base camp before attacking any new social network). After poking around, watching some videos made by tweens, and asking a 16 year old for pointers—voila! Snapchat usability mystery solved.

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