Zen Entrepreneurship an Interview with Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.net


If you haven’t already heard of Leo Babauta, the well spoken & written blogger behind one of the largest blogs on the web ZenHabits.net then you really must check out what he’s up to. Leo has gone from zero to every entrepreneurs dream in a short amount of time, mostly due to his amazing attitude and the passion he puts into his blog business. Leo said in this interview he thinks, at this point, he has over 200,000 subscribers and his site has blossomed into a blogging empire.

The insights and ideas that Leo imparts on this interview will refresh and inspire you to be an even better entrepreneur and a truly passionate blogger.

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Please leave any questions or comments below, I love to hear from you, especially your thoughts on the interviews :)

  • http://www.nicholastozier.com/words Nicholas Tozier

    I love Leo's work! You've all got to check out http://www.mnmlist.com if you haven't seen it yet—it's like a hyper-minimal zenhabits, same author. Love the latest entry, “Undistracted Reading.”

  • http://www.nicholastozier.com/words Nicholas Tozier

    Oh man oh man. Sorry to post twice. I'm just really excited about this. Leo's writing has inspired me to teach a lot of my songwriting students to get rid of distractions and make time to reflect, observe the world, observe themselves… and to take the whole process one step at a time, and not rush through the fundamentals of music but to understand everything thoroughly before taking the next step. Thanks for the awesome podcast, Maren!

  • Kenny Rose GRIT 08

    Leo is awesome. Zen habits is one of the best blogs on the web. Truly inspirational. New economy enterpreneur of the highest order. Congruence is everything authenticity is contagious people recognise those qualities.Leo helps you aspire to become the best you can be. Priceless.

  • http://inventionaddict.com/blog/ Stephen B | InventionAddict

    OMG!!! How did you ever get to do and inteview with Leo? This is awesome! Way to go Maren.

  • Msibda

    How do I download this podcast?

  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com/ Maren Kate

    Yeah I'm a big fan of that site as well :)

  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com/ Maren Kate

    Agreed :) Glad you liked it!

  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com/ Maren Kate

    Thanks Stephen, I was pretty psyched on it too – I really do love podcasting it rocks.

  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com/ Maren Kate

    Let me ask my web guy and get back to you – you're right i should have a “download the MP3 option” thanks!

  • Miromior

    Hi beauty, the quality of sound from your sexy voice is a bit dim, I can't hear it so clearly but passable. I've watched the video you talking about meditation before our sleeping with your chewing mouth, right? You look so well-rounded in it and made me fall into another meditation that is sexual fantasy. So I think you have the responsibility to help me get rid of this unrealistic fantasy because you seeded it to one of your blog reader who is me, otherwise you should give me a hug at least to fulfil my little requirement. You don't need to know who am I, I'm just a nobody in your readership

  • http://jdmeier.myopenid.com/ J.D. Meier

    I like the fact you cut to the case and asked insightful questions:
    – how to make money = eBooks + membership site
    – how to grow your blog = guest posting as a marketing strategy
    – are you a blogger or a business person = a writer

    I think the key message that came out is that Leo lives his values, drives from his life style, and rather than change himself to suit things, he changes things to suite what works for him, whether it's blogging or business.

  • http://lovingnaturesgarden.com Alison Kerr

    Thanks for the interview. Leo is always so easy to listen to and he makes such sense. As a member of A-List Blogging Club I can attest to the quality and value of what he is offering there. Members have the opportunity to interact with Leo every month on the masterclass and he recently reviewed my blog for me. Very helpful.

    I found it interesting that he thinks of himself as a writer first. I've been thinking a lot about the bloggers who seem to rise quickly. All the ones I've seen so far are really great writers. They not only want to help others by giving good information but they are great crafters of headlines and articles. Leo seems rather modest about just how good a writer he is.

  • http://www.themomwrites.com Prerna

    Thanks for this interview! I've been a big, big fan of Leo and his writing. This interview has really helped me understand how he's where he is today, right from the horse's mouth. In fact, I'm also a member of the A-list Blogging Club that he and Mary Jaksch have started and that too is a huge help for new and experienced bloggers.

  • http://twitter.com/nononsenseconf Shawn Frey

    Hi Maren,

    Great interview with Leo. I've been reading his stuff since his early days. Keep up the good interviews.


  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com/ Maren Kate

    Lol… I just don't even know how to respond to this!

  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com/ Maren Kate

    Thanks J.D. I thoroughly agree he really has built an empire on solid, simple value

  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com/ Maren Kate

    Thanks Alison glad you got something out of it!

  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com/ Maren Kate

    Yeah it seems as if Leo is one of the few in the internet space who really only gives amazing value and doesn't rely on any kind of shading internet marketing stuff to make a good living.

  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com/ Maren Kate

    Oh I will :) promise!

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  • http://twitter.com/zentrepreneurs zentrepreneurs

    very encouraging that my book written three years ago would have followers like Leo. continued success on spreading the word and message.

  • http://twitter.com/zentrepreneurs zentrepreneurs

    Forgot to send my people to my blog where the birth of zentrepreneurism all started at http://www.buddhaspeaksbiz.blogpsot.c... May the zen be with you!

  • El Secreto

    Excellent pod cast! I’ve been reading Leo for the last couple of months and really enjoy the simplicity of his posts together with the this savvy… Thanks for the interview!

      Atrévete a Vivir
     El Secreto, Ley de Atracción