Making Millions from WordPress – Interview with Adii Pienaar of WooThemes


adii pienaarFor those of you interested in online entrepreneurship and bootstrapping this interview will rock your socks. First off Adii is quite open about where his company Woothemes has done well and where they’ve needed to pivot – like focusing on only one theme platform (WordPress).

Second Adii and his partners built his company from scratch – working virtually – with partners all over the world – into a million + dollar a year business (I love when Andrew Warner has interviewed people in the past because he always gets down to the brass tax and saves me researching how much they earn – thanks Andrew!).

So sit down, shut up (I tease, I tease) and sip some yummy tea as you let your entrepreneurial spirit soar with me and Adii for the next half hour.

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Check out Woothemes amazing themes for your business, brand or blog here & support scrappy entrepreneurship. Also I’d love to hear your comments and questions and I’m sure I could get Adii to answer a few himself if you add pretty please or something in the comment area :)

  • Reza Sarmadi

    This is the bread and butter of entrepreneurship 101. Great interview. Looking forward to more.

  • Ricardo

    Maren Kate,

    Would it be possible to include some transcripts with your interviews? I think it would be awesome!


  • Paul

    Among people one needs to follow, Adii is for sure one of them. Great interview!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Maren

    Thanks for posting the interview. I found it very interesting and as I use both WordPress and Woo Themes, very close to home.


  • Rob

    Really enjoyed this internet, great questions, thanks.

  • Maren Kate

    Thanks Reza :) We’re getting more regular as I get Zirtual office space this
    May – then even the podcasts will be on a schedule.

  • Maren Kate

    I’ve been asked that a few times – will definitely get my VA to start doing that with these first and then going through all of them :) Thanks!

  • Samuel

    Awesome interview Kate! Love this…… Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  • Brother_toner

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