How to Brand Your Business Card | Creating an Extraordinary Business Card


How many business cards have you received or given in your lifetime? Okay… now think of how many you’ve kept or better can even remember? Probably the business cards you can remember in detail you could count on one hand. These rare unique business cards usually don’t keep to the typical ‘business cardy’ model.

Maybe they are like where your business info and contact numbers are engraved in a piece of beef jerky. Have you ever gotten one of those? I doubt it. If you did I guarantee you that you’d tell all your friends and never forget it.

That is a business card to talk about at cocktail parties, that is a business card to carry around to show your friends, that is a business card that won’t soon be forgotten. I’ve been on a search for this kind of elusive business card, one that is highly branded and that is viral in nature. It isn’t an easy feat. But walk with me through some ideas and some of the best business cards to date and I’m sure at the end we can both come up with some highly branded business cards that will keep your business in the hearts and minds of people long after you’ve left the room. has a post on 51 business cards that are nothing short of amazing. Here are a few of my favorites:

For more check out quicksprout’s post here.

Now what does your business card look like? I’ll show you mine.. its PATHETIC. I got them done when I first incorporated and all I knew is that my LLC’s name was Oracle Launch (named after my hero the illustrious Oracle of Omaha & my love for ‘launching’ new businesses) so the cards pretty much stink 6 ways to Sunday.

Sorry about the quality, I shot them on my phone… anyways give me your roughest people! Let me know what I can do to make my business cards *bling* and tell me about your awesome/ or not-so-awesome business cards and how we can all make ourselves more memorable!

  • Nick Johnson

    I like the one who included their twitter info on it. Hmmmmmm, I wonder who's that is

  • gregharris66720

    I like business cards that have a picture on them. It helps to keep the name with the face. Also if you are going to an event or summit have the location you gave it to them at on it somewhere. I find it helps people remember you better.

  • Maren Kate

    That is a good idea.. you usually only see that on real estate broker cards, but it would be cool to figure out something funky & use a picture of yourself with it. Thanks!

  • Maren Kate

    haha! Yeah but the rest of the card is U-G-L-Y that is the problem! I do find it good to include my twitter handle on my cards though.. people tend to notice since it isn't as mainstream as adding your email or something else.

  • strugglinginvestor

    I've got the hardest time coming up with a good business card that doesn't look like everyone elses. My question is, in the end does it really matter? There are so many ways to find a person you need these days (twitter, facebook, etc..) that If I need someone for a particular purpose I'll just post a quick message to my network and get a recommendation. I never think about looking through my collection of business cards.

    Also if someone is important and I'm going to want to remember them I put their info into my gmail contacts with a description of who they are.

    I personally think business cards are out dated. Maybe that is just me.

  • Nick Johnson

    Greg & Scott, what are you two scumbags doing here taking up my commenting space :) Exactly how did you guys learn of Maren anyways?

  • Maren Kate

    Maybe your right… but I will tell you one thing, in my biz.. building websites and having businesses sign thousand dollar & up contracts for social media marketing campaigns… clients REALLY like that one on one, personal touch. I think maybe you are right, but maybe, just maybe business cards are one of the last hold outs from a crumbling print world that will last. Personally if someone gave me any of the cards above, or a meatcard, I would keep it… put it on my desk… look at it over and over and probably eventually contact that person, if only to say “Wow, great business card”. But I may also be relying too much on the biz card thing… I tend to get OCD about stuff and not rest till its “perfect”

  • Eric

    Maren Kate,

    I like the first one. It really stands out. I don't have business cards of my own and really haven't gotten any to be perfectly honest.

    Wouldn't it be a cool idea to have the greatest tweet you ever sent on the front of your business card as your slogan or something? Just a thought.

  • jasonclegg

    Cool post. Love the photos. 😉

    I would suggest just goint with what works — nice, glossy business cards with a real polish. The key is having an excellent logo designed to use on all of your marketing materials, not just the cards.

    -Jason Clegg

  • Abe

    the hyperlink on the post is dead.

  • Tanner

    You beat me to it Maren! I was going to write a post on awesome business cards since I just ordered some and ran into a ton of really unique and “stand outish” type cards.

  • Maren Kate

    Yep good point… it is very dependent on your over all marketing strategy.


  • Maren Kate

    Boy that is an AWESOME idea!! I am going to have to give that some serious thought because I can see it in my mind & I love the idea… very, very unique.

  • Maren Kate

    What are your new ones like Tanner? I've gotten some great ideas from the comments alone on this blog post so I'll have to be re-doing mine soon too!

  • Tanner

    I did not get them yet, I just placed a sample order at to see how they look just to test it out first.

  • Nimit kashyap

    good designs, specially the green one

  • Maren Kate

    I love it because it looks like an air freshener and you can hang it from your car!

  • thecoolestcool

    I was sitting around the bar with another local entrepreneur this week discussing the importance of business cards. He's been in the business much longer than I have but was very impressed when I pulled out my card. I was determined, when designing it that it wouldn't be something that people just threw away. I designed the card so it was see through and was a card worth talking about. To my surprise, he had the same philosophy when design his cards! They were made out of wood with a gold/foiled typography on the front and back.

    I think its extremely important to come up with a solid design for your card! When I receive paper cards I typically take down the info and put it in my contact book. However, when I come across a card that is special – It goes on my bulletin board.

  • Maren Kate

    I agree :) I just made new ones again to spice things up!