About Maren Kate

maren kateThe impetus for my untraditional path was dropping out of college my senior year. A perpetually mediocre student, I had always enjoyed the reading part of my English degree but the foreign language pre-requisite to graduation eluded me. I couldn’t pick up Spanish for beans. I dropped the class three times before finally asking my advisor if he’d allow me to skip that one requirement and simply graduate. He said no, and I said “adios University of Nevada at Reno”  proudly putting the one word I had managed to learn to use.

Between then and now I’ve started a variety of businesses, from selling mystical jewelry on eBay, to managing the web presence of the hit TV show “The Pawn Stars”, to finally leaving Nevada for Silicon Valley where I spent four years building Zirtual: a company that connects busy entrepreneurs to virtual assistants.

After leaving that business in late 2015 I was able to see how I’d escaped the 9 to 5 only to trade it for a 9 to 9 building a startup. I had lost track of what was most important to me: freedom; and had gotten distracted by the whispered promise of becoming a billion dollar company.

That’s why I published the Pegasus post and re-committed to documenting my escape from traditional careers paths.

I believe Escaping the 9 to 5 is a way of life. It’s the path that a growing number of people are realizing is their only hope if they want to reach their dreams, experience freedom, and create businesses that will allow them to lead the life on their own terms.


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Maren Kate is currently:

Doing contract work for startups and businesses, hire her here, as she works on my next her entrepreneurial adventure in the end-of-life space.

Other projects include:

The Memento Mori Society, which is dedicated to demystifying death so human beings can pursue life to the fullest.